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Wiggle Perfume: Nicosia

From the Website: I've always had a longing to see the mediterranean. There's just so much history there, so much art, such gorgeous, passionate people. And the food! This scent embodies one of my favorite escape fantasies. A blend of fig, olive blossom, clove, golden honey and sandalwood, this scent is all fresh breezes and dusky-haired women draped in sun-bleached cotton.

Review: One of my dearest friends is from Kuwait. This scent reminds me a lot of her and her cooking too! It doesn’t have the heaviness or rose found in the incense or perfume she uses, but that’s just fine with me.

I think this is the most well balanced scent I’ve tried from Wiggle. The fig and honey come out beautifully and are really enhanced by the clove and sandalwood. It started off a little strong but after an hour it meshed with my skin and matured into a lovely soft (but still present) blend. I was slightly concerned about this coming off as too sugary or too foody, but I think it’s the clove that keeps the sweet stuff in check. In a weird sort of way, it has an understated girl-next-door smell.

I’m not letting go of this vial!

Purchase? Who wants to get me a belated birthday present? :-D