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Scent by the Sea: Salome

From the website:

Oscar Wilde's 1894 play Salome was so erotically laden with motifs of virginity, sex, religion and death that it was hidden from the British public for thirty years. The French, not so prudish, acclaimed it onstage not long after it was written, but its author was by then in Reading Gaol for crimes unspeakable. When I created this perfume oil, I immediately thought of Wilde's virginal, vengeful seductress. Its top note is soft, floral and powdery, with a hypnotic floral/ precious wood base note that emerges on the dry-down. A scent that's far more dangerous than it seems at first....this blend contains only essential oils, jojoba oil and fractionated coconut oil.

In the bottle, this scent is very flowery indeed. It's a bit like walking into a florists. It's not one flower or another, but a mix of lots of them, and I'm not sure I like it very much. It's not rose which I love, or jasmine which I hate, but just a generic "flower" with lots of powder. It's hard to love or hate this scent straight out of the bottle, unless you really hate flowers. Then you will hate it.

On my skin, the flowers calm down a bit and get in a line. You can pick them out individually, and it's the really cloying, sweet flowers that come out on top. The only sticky flower smell I really like is roses, and the rest of my flower loves are delicate - lavendar and violet, that sort of thing. As weird as it is to say, I really only like flowers that I can eat. This scent is a little too much old-lady for me; and it's not the delicate, refined Victorian taking her toilette, it's the ninety year old biddy on the pew third row back on a Sunday. The one that always tattled on me when I hopped the fence to get at the cherries growing next door to the church.

Overall: 5 of 10. It doesn't make me gag, but I don't like it.