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Wiggle Perfume: Black #1

From Website: Now, before you scream COPYRIGHT! at me, I want to remind everyone that the song was supposedly based on a hair dye of the same name. So...if I name my perfume after the hair dye that inspired the song....eh, I dunno. It's fall, I'm in kind of a dark, spooky mood, and who doesn't love a gothy blackberry perfume? Besides, I may change the name to Black #4 anyway, it took me that many tries to get it just where I wanted it.

I think I may have already mentioned that I'm a total blackberry freak? Yep, well here's another of my fall-minded blends, dark and sweet with a mix of blackberry, narcissus, violet, patchouly, and clove. There's also a little hint of rain floating around in there, 'cause it wouldn't be the same without some moody weather.

Review: Wait? What? Where's the blackberry? Aww.

I love the clove smell in here and that reminds me of Brandie (which of course makes me think of nights dancing away to gothy songs). It’s a bit of a moody scent, kinda dark…like the Bat Dance. I like the narcissus in here, but that’s my most favorite scent ever. I swear I smell pine in here. But I’m pretty sure that’s just me.

Keeper? With so much that’s right in this perfume you’d think I’d be in love with it. But it’s got that same clean, soapy scent that turns out to be powdery later on. Everyone at the group dinner really enjoyed it though. Think I’ll pass it on to one of those gals.

Purchase? It wasn’t made with the tears of Robert Smith. Unfortunately not for me. I was pretty optimistic about this one too, dangit.

Wiggle Perfume: Coconut Lotus

From the website: I seem to say this a lot here, but, I love this scent! Of course I do, I wouldn't be making it if I didn't like it, right? This one is exotic and fabulous, the lotus cuts through the sometimes overwhelming sweetness of the coconut, and the coconut softens the headiness of the lotus. This scent makes me want to wrap myself in a sarong and wear flowers in my hair.

Review: Woah! That’s coconut! After it sits for a little while, the lotus starts to come through. Something in here has an ever so slightly musk smell, almost carnation. What I’ve noticed about her scents, thus far, is that they’re clean, kinda soapy. Although the sweetness fades some it’s still a bit too much. And for some reason, to me, it doesn’t smell like coconut but instead smells like the coconut oil I use on my hair and skin. Weird distinct oil smell. (Edit: coconut baby powder. That's exactly what it smells like on me.)

Keeper? I’m ok with letting this sample go.

Not for me please. I wear flowers in my hair all the time, but this doesn’t make me want to grab one.


searching for a scent

i want a perfume that smells like:
warm earth
a whiff of smoke
perhaps a bit of mint or eucalyptus back in there somewhere
the tiniest bit of ozone or something that smells like the drone of bugs on a warm summer's day

anybody know where i can find something like this?

Scents by the Sea: Sweet Hashish

I was poking around on etsy as usual, but I was looking for something in specific - a tiny journal to carry around with me, something handmade, something special. I found the exact thing I wanted, and well, since I was THERE, I might as well just poke around a little..

Etsy is a dangerous place.

I have so, so many perfumes left unreviewed. But then I found Scents by the Sea. Specifically, I found this item. And it seemed too good to be true. 10 5/8 dram bottles for ten bucks? And so elegantly presented? Pfft. Curious, I bought them.

I have a new crush.

SbtS Get It. The samples came exactly as pictured, each one labeled with a handstamped and antiqued tag. Even if the scents sucked, I would be very happy just in the presentation. If nothing else, I had something very cool to display on a shelf somewhere. The bottles and tags are gorgeous and very apothecarian chic. So, content already, I unscrewed the jar of Sweet Hashish.

I want to take a bath in this scent.

From the website:

Hashish parlors and opium dens were the dirty little secret of Victorian life. Operated by fallen women and foreign men, these underworld smoking rooms provided beds for patrons to lie back upon as they inhaled the sweet narcotic fumes of their vice from a hookah or water pipe. (For a really vivid depiction, see Oscar Wilde's Portrait of Dorian Gray, where the doomed protagonist takes a trip to a hash den to smoke away the experience of having murdered his best friend.) This scent is a blend of a sweet amber fragrance played against the strange narcotic seductiveness of tobacco smoke. It mellows to a powdery amber-pear note following the drydown.

In the bottle, this scent is very sweet and very smoky. It's sugar and pipe tobacco, enjoyed over a nice sparkling pear juice. If there'd been almond in it, I think it would have been perfect.

On my skin, the rich sweetness fades fairly quickly, which is unfortunate, but it leaves a spicy sort of smell afterwards. A bit of clove, perhaps, and the pipe tobacco is still there, delicious and comfortable.

I'm definitely buying this, and from the quick sniffs that I've taken of a couple of the other bottles, likely some of them, too.

New crushes always feel so nice.

Overall: 8 of 10. Very nice scent and a pleasant drydown, but fades a little too fast.

Villainess: Sidewalk

From the website:

Sidewalk is a rare experiement in ozone and earth. "Hot concrete drenched in sunshowers. Summer melons, limeades and fresh-cut grass." "Fresh" is a slightly pedestrian concept for Villainess. I mean, it's just not what we do. So I really enjoyed the reinvention process, and the chance to infuse "fresh" with warmth and sweetness and a wealth of summer smells from my childhood.

Heh. Pedestrian. So they called it Sidewalk.


This is my trial of the Villainess candle concept, it's a new form factor for their scents, and they're trying it out to see if it's worth doing. The candle comes in a nifty little 2.5 oz tin. It melts really well, and the scent's throw is pretty good, actually. So allow me to say:



As for the scent itself, it's got a really crisp and flowery scent. Once it started burning, the grassy notes came out, underlined with a smooth melon. The overall effect is reminiscent of sitting in the shade out in the field, dozing off because you have nowhere else to be. It's comfortable and bright.

Sidewalk is a good, clean smell, but it's not amazing. This is Villainess. It should be AMAZING. It's pleasant, but it's not great. They admit that 'fresh' is just not what they do, and it shows. Sidewalk is a little too much soap, not quite enough perfume.

The thing I love the most about their standard scents is that they're warm and rich and you can absolutely take a bath in it and dream happy dreams forever. Wearing their scents is like slipping into an honest to god fur coat that no adorable animals had to die for. This is more like running through the sprinklers on a hot day. It's refreshing, but it's over far too quickly and it's just not quite enough.

Overall: 6 of 10. Yummy, but not quite up to par with most clean-type fragrances.
I won a $25 gift card at work on Friday, and I've spent it over at Villainess.

Expect reports when the package arrives.


Deck: Aesthetic

(Can you tell things have finally slowed down at work a bit?)

From the website:

We all went to Emily's birthday party that summer. We all had cake and ice cream.

And, we all waited until nobody was looking, went around back, and snuck sips of pilfered booze.
We made awful faces and exclaimed, "Why do adults drink this stuff?!"

Cheers to being 13 again..

NOTES: Orange chiffon cake, vanilla ice cream, and a swig of Ouzo.

I love the little stories and poems she writes for descriptions. This is another Le "when I feel like it" Deck Fragrance.

In the bottle, this scent is all about orange dreamsicles and a little bit of vanilla cake. It's nice; sweet, pleasant to smell, not necessarily something I'd consider wearing as a perfume.

On my skin, the orangey zest gives way a little bit, and there's the anise of the Ouzo under there. It's a really nice drydown, and I feel that the cakey quality to the scent gets in the way of that. It's delightfully sweet and bright, but that little bit of cake scent gets in the way of an otherwise warm and delicious smell. It turns a potentially great spiced orange and sugar scent into a scratch and sniff sticker scent.

Overall: 6 of 10. Pleasant, but more of a Strawberry Shortcake smell than an adult perfume.

Deck: Whisper

From the website:

When voices are a soft purr...
This is the scent of something equally soft and mushy.

NOTES: The gentle fluff of marshmallows. Mmmm..

I love that this scent - a Le Deck fragrance, is "(LIMITED EDITION -AVAILABLE WHILE I FEEL LIKE IT)".

In the bottle, this is a fluff of toasted marshmallows. delicious, toasty marshmallows. It comes in a cute little green glass bottle.

Remarkably, on my skin, it stays the same. A sweet, sugary smell, almost vanilla but not quite. It's not unpleasant at all and would be marvelous for layering. I could dust myself with pink sugar and wear this scent and be a Marshmallow Peep for Halloween.



Overall: 6 of 10. Needs a little something extra, but it's nice!

Deck: Amaranthine

From the website:


Is unfading, and everlasting.
Brilliant crimson and purple flowers - they remain eternally beautiful.

NOTES: Red roses, and creamy sugared violets.

In the bottle, this scent is very sweet. Like candied violets, and a little bit of rosewater.

On my skin, the sweetness fades and I'm left with a dusty floral; it's like a violet and rose sachet in your drawer that expired months ago. It's not overly clingy at all, more like a memory of a bouquet given to you by someone dear. It's rather nice.

Overall: 6 of 10. Mmm, dusty.

Pixie Potions: Pixie Dust Perfume

From the website:

Cotton candy, vanilla and caramel with a fresh bergamot and citrus top note, touches of berries, muget, strawberries, plum, and a dry-down of leaves, anise and woods.

In the bottle, this scent smells mainly of a tart citrus. There's a little sweetness in there, too, but the citrus is almost all you can see.

On my skin, the cotton candy exploded and that was all I smelled for a second. It calmed down and became a combination of the two, which I'm not entirely sure works, to be honest. It's not unpleasant, at all, but the cotton candy and bergamot are strange bedfellows. I confess my nose isn't sophisticated enough to pick up any of that other list of scents, but it does eventually dry down to a spiced orange.

Not a bad smell, it's not unpleasant, but I don't really care for wearing it.

Overall: 4 of 10.


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