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Four Seasons: August's Sultry Summer

Some things are just too good to pass up. I saw a review of LemonLollipop.etsy.com somewhere online. They have several etsy sites to divide up the products they offer. One of these is FourSeasonsFragrance.etsy.com which offers scents based upon the 12 months and 4 seasons. Being the smarty pants they are, they offer a listing of samples for their 12 month scents. That's right, I just had to buy the set. So for the next year, I get to review one a month. Huzzah! Let's get this party started!

From the
website: August's SULTRY SUMMER scent description...this scent is the two of you. The good you and the not-so good you. The fresh rose of this fragrance is feminine and soft, yet the intense, sensual amber is irresistible and mouth-watering. This scent joins mandarin mixed with rose, bergamot, and peony which swirls into a rich blend of jasmine, orange blossom and geranium on a bed of patchouli, amber and musk. Smart. Sultry. Passionate.

Review: Oh man. I’m in trouble. This is a sweet sexy scent. Almost a little Girl-Next-Door. Not something that’s going to hit you over the head. An understated sexy. Yes, I think that’s it.

The rose and peony come out immediately and then the sweetness of the jasmine and orange start to chime in. Alea says it smells a little fruity, but in a good way. The amber and musk give it the backbone scents like this need (but many lack). I’m always worried a little about getting a headache with a new scent, but so far, nothing!

Keeper? If you ask very nicely I may let you try the sample. Mebbe. And only if you give it right back.

This isn’t going to grab someone from across the room (which can be a good thing), but I’m confident that when I walk past a certain someone will certainly notice. I’m confident this is a wise investment.

PS - the kind lady at Lemon Lollipop sends you a lovely gourmet lemon lollipop. It was delightful!

BPAL: Kumiho

From the website: Nine-tailed fox demon of Korean lore who transforms into the visage of an irresistible beauty in order to seduce men and lead them to their doom. A sharp, biting blend of crisp white tea and ginger.

Review: When this first hit my skin I could have sworn I was wearing lemon-scented Pledge. Lucky for me, I’ll polish furniture just because I love lemon Pledge. Mmmhmmm!

About 3 minutes later, the white tea and ginger came through. Remember the scent from Bath & Body Works with those two ingredients? Never liked it. Couldn’t stand it!

This though? Adore. After it sits on my skin is softens into a floral mix with a slight creamy base. I’m pretty certain it’s made of summertime snuggles. Just don’t ask how they bottled it.

Keeper? This is my imp and you can’t have it. Thanks, Kati!

Purchase? I don’t know if it has the power to seduce men. And I don’t think it has staying power. But it is a bright clean fresh summery scent that I may just have to get next year.

Wiggle Perfume: Little 5

From the website: For me, it all started in Little Five Points, Atlanta. On the corner of Euclid and Colquitt stood the Gypsy Market, where my perfume obsession began. Without fail, my husband and I would start fighting in the gawd-awful Atlanta traffic on the way down. I’d arrive all tense and flustered, and within twenty seconds of crossing that threshold, all my worries would melt away. The hot, humid, incense-saturated air seemed to make everything better. I don’t miss the weather, the fire ants, or the wrestling fans, but I still get all nostalgic when I remember the punks, hippies, and gorgeous cowrie-shelled dreadlock mamas that made Little Five the place to be.

My first signature blend, Little 5 is an intoxicating mix of spicy opium-like musk and redolent oriental rose. It opens up with a fresh herbal note of sweetgrass then deepens into its heart of sophisticated rose, finally warming down to its dark dreamy base. This is a perfume lover’s perfume, not for beginners or the faint of heart. Pair this scent with smokey eye makeup and a little Billie Holiday. Little 5 will put an extra switch in your hips.

Review: I want to be a fan of this. Honest. I adore Atlanta and the Little 5. But, on my skin, it’s all powder and (over-powering) rose. Phew! I thought an hour or three later it would have settled down. I was wrong.

Hoping it was just me, Emily tried it too. Rose always smell divine on her skin. But, on her, this was all powder. About an hour later it was still slews of powder with a tiny hint of musk. Just nuts. And not at all what I remember about Little 5.

Keeper? If you’re local and want to try it, I’m willing to part with this one.

Not for me. But if you want to smell like you’re floating in a rose garden, this is for you! And I’m talking about those massive talking roses in Alice in Wonderland. The really pretty ones.


Wiggle Perfume: Nicosia

From the Website: I've always had a longing to see the mediterranean. There's just so much history there, so much art, such gorgeous, passionate people. And the food! This scent embodies one of my favorite escape fantasies. A blend of fig, olive blossom, clove, golden honey and sandalwood, this scent is all fresh breezes and dusky-haired women draped in sun-bleached cotton.

Review: One of my dearest friends is from Kuwait. This scent reminds me a lot of her and her cooking too! It doesn’t have the heaviness or rose found in the incense or perfume she uses, but that’s just fine with me.

I think this is the most well balanced scent I’ve tried from Wiggle. The fig and honey come out beautifully and are really enhanced by the clove and sandalwood. It started off a little strong but after an hour it meshed with my skin and matured into a lovely soft (but still present) blend. I was slightly concerned about this coming off as too sugary or too foody, but I think it’s the clove that keeps the sweet stuff in check. In a weird sort of way, it has an understated girl-next-door smell.

I’m not letting go of this vial!

Purchase? Who wants to get me a belated birthday present? :-D

Wiggle Perfume: Buxom

From the website: This is a very full bodied perfume! If you don't like sweet creamy scents or strong florals then please run, don't walk away from this scent. If you do, prepare to be eveloped in the richest, most femininely decadent fragrance you've ever come across. This perfume is not for little girls, it's sensual and sumptuous and not the least bit shy about it. A blend of buttery rich bourbon vanilla and redolent English rose, this fragrance smells like a posh patisserie and florist smooshed together. I've grounded this fragrance with a lavish red musk, and embellished it with a flirty hint of powder. This oil will warm with your body heat, adding to the freshly-made-dessert effect. Be careful someone doesn't try to take a bite out of you (unless you're into that)! ;-)

Review: My sister isn't feeling well today so I let her pick from my magic perfume sample bag. She wanted me to try this one and I was happy to oblige. She swears she smells lavender in here.

This one goes on very very strong (if you have a headache please pick another time to wear it!). It mellows as it sits on the skin. The rich cream really starts to come out. The creamy, rich rose and musk remind me of my Great Aunt Annie Ruth, the sweetest southern lady you would ever have the honor of meeting. The bourbon vanilla helps deepen the rose and is a fantastic pairing. If you’re looking for a new twist on an old classic, this one is for you!

Even though this is a great one, it just isn’t for me - it’s a bit too powdery for my liking. Did you ever get into your grandmother’s expensive body cream or body powder as a child? This is exactly what that smells like - if she was having a sip of bourbon at the time.

Not for me, but maybe for someone else.

Wiggle Perfume: Speakeasy Vanilla

From website: I'm not ususally a vanilla person. It's such a classic, feminine, and decadently sexy scent, I've always really wanted to like it...but just couldn't. Well, I've fixed that problem! My Speakeasy Vanilla is another thing altogether, not cloying or overly precious. This vanilla does not wear pigtails. It does not have a "daddy's little girl" lisence plate holder. This vanilla is a grown ass woman who spent a hot, tipsy day in the kitchen, rocking out to Etta James in heels, perfecting her creme brulee. Or something like that...

This fragrance opens up with a bright, intoxicating bourbon vanilla scent then mellows into a softer, creamy vanilla. To balance the sweetness, I've added sultry amber and smokey frankincense. On the very bottom is a delicately floral white musk, and if you're very sharp you may catch the tiny hint of bay rum lurking in the mix.

Review: Oh yeah. This scent is so awesome it deserves a drink. I’m usually worried that vanilla is going to be too old or too young or too…too. So many are overpowering. This one makes me want to snuggle up on a porch swing with a handsome man, watching the lightening bugs while sipping a delightful bourbon. It starts off a little strong and sweet, but after sitting for a while the amber and bourbon really open up and make me happy.

You can try it if you ask very very politely! But only cause I think you should give it a shot.

Purchase? I may just have to - this feels like a staple scent for me.

Wiggle Perfume: Jasmine Verbena

From website: My little sister moved from grey, foggy Oregon to searing, sweltering North Carolina...in June. Needless to say, it was a bit of a shock. To help her adjust (or perhaps just survive) I sent her a care package with a bottle of this perfume. My Jasmine Verbena scent is the height of simple, spa inspired serenity. A perfect balance between romantic white floral and fresh lemon verbena, I've added a tiny drop of peppermint essential oil to help you ladies stay tingly cool and fresh in the summer weather.

Review: Straight out of the bottle, this smells like soapy (what is it with the soapy smell?) lemon Pinesol. Uhm. Yeah. Heavy on the Pinesol. After it sits on the skin it starts to smell like my lemon soap. I can’t find the jasmine at all. Not even a little. After about an hour the scent fades to a soapy almost sunscreen smell.

Keeper? I’m looking for takers.

I’m pretty sure this is the scent I was most excited about. Two of my absolute favorite scents are jasmine and lemon verbena. This is just unfortunate for me.

Wiggle Perfume: Belle Marie

From website: I always wanted to be a voodoo queen. I mean, come on! How cool would that be!? Nobody messes with you when you're spattered with chicken blood. Alas, there were precious few chickens to practice on in suburban Seattle, and my ambitions never bore fruit. ;-)

Marie Laveau, on the other hand, made quite a name for herself in that field. People are still talking about her over a hundred years later, and her influence infuses New Orleans with mystery to this day. This scent is my nod to her and the city I always meant to run away to (and someday will). Belle Marie is a bewitching blend of absinthe, frangipani, kudzu blossom, magnolia, vetiver, oakmoss, and sweetgrass. It's fresh and feminine, deceptively sweet and earthy with a barely-hidden dark side.

Review: YES! This scent is exceptionally sweet but I’m loving it. It’s as if I’ve had too many drinks and am swimming in blood oranges for some unknown reason. I don’t really get the absinthe smell that I’m very familiar with, but there is a rum type alcohol smell. That scent smells to the background and I’m left with sweet citrus notes with a slight amber type scent. A few hours later and it's mostly musky with just a hint of citrus.

Keeper? You better not lay a finger on my voodoo scent.

Purchase? It doesn’t feel like New Orleans to me, which is what I was not-so-secretly hoping for. I almost wish there was some bourbon in this. But I can imagine wearing this all summer long. I might just have to make this purchase!


Wiggle Perfume: Black #1

From Website: Now, before you scream COPYRIGHT! at me, I want to remind everyone that the song was supposedly based on a hair dye of the same name. So...if I name my perfume after the hair dye that inspired the song....eh, I dunno. It's fall, I'm in kind of a dark, spooky mood, and who doesn't love a gothy blackberry perfume? Besides, I may change the name to Black #4 anyway, it took me that many tries to get it just where I wanted it.

I think I may have already mentioned that I'm a total blackberry freak? Yep, well here's another of my fall-minded blends, dark and sweet with a mix of blackberry, narcissus, violet, patchouly, and clove. There's also a little hint of rain floating around in there, 'cause it wouldn't be the same without some moody weather.

Review: Wait? What? Where's the blackberry? Aww.

I love the clove smell in here and that reminds me of Brandie (which of course makes me think of nights dancing away to gothy songs). It’s a bit of a moody scent, kinda dark…like the Bat Dance. I like the narcissus in here, but that’s my most favorite scent ever. I swear I smell pine in here. But I’m pretty sure that’s just me.

Keeper? With so much that’s right in this perfume you’d think I’d be in love with it. But it’s got that same clean, soapy scent that turns out to be powdery later on. Everyone at the group dinner really enjoyed it though. Think I’ll pass it on to one of those gals.

Purchase? It wasn’t made with the tears of Robert Smith. Unfortunately not for me. I was pretty optimistic about this one too, dangit.

Wiggle Perfume: Coconut Lotus

From the website: I seem to say this a lot here, but, I love this scent! Of course I do, I wouldn't be making it if I didn't like it, right? This one is exotic and fabulous, the lotus cuts through the sometimes overwhelming sweetness of the coconut, and the coconut softens the headiness of the lotus. This scent makes me want to wrap myself in a sarong and wear flowers in my hair.

Review: Woah! That’s coconut! After it sits for a little while, the lotus starts to come through. Something in here has an ever so slightly musk smell, almost carnation. What I’ve noticed about her scents, thus far, is that they’re clean, kinda soapy. Although the sweetness fades some it’s still a bit too much. And for some reason, to me, it doesn’t smell like coconut but instead smells like the coconut oil I use on my hair and skin. Weird distinct oil smell. (Edit: coconut baby powder. That's exactly what it smells like on me.)

Keeper? I’m ok with letting this sample go.

Not for me please. I wear flowers in my hair all the time, but this doesn’t make me want to grab one.