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Wiggle Perfume: Little 5

From the website: For me, it all started in Little Five Points, Atlanta. On the corner of Euclid and Colquitt stood the Gypsy Market, where my perfume obsession began. Without fail, my husband and I would start fighting in the gawd-awful Atlanta traffic on the way down. I’d arrive all tense and flustered, and within twenty seconds of crossing that threshold, all my worries would melt away. The hot, humid, incense-saturated air seemed to make everything better. I don’t miss the weather, the fire ants, or the wrestling fans, but I still get all nostalgic when I remember the punks, hippies, and gorgeous cowrie-shelled dreadlock mamas that made Little Five the place to be.

My first signature blend, Little 5 is an intoxicating mix of spicy opium-like musk and redolent oriental rose. It opens up with a fresh herbal note of sweetgrass then deepens into its heart of sophisticated rose, finally warming down to its dark dreamy base. This is a perfume lover’s perfume, not for beginners or the faint of heart. Pair this scent with smokey eye makeup and a little Billie Holiday. Little 5 will put an extra switch in your hips.

Review: I want to be a fan of this. Honest. I adore Atlanta and the Little 5. But, on my skin, it’s all powder and (over-powering) rose. Phew! I thought an hour or three later it would have settled down. I was wrong.

Hoping it was just me, Emily tried it too. Rose always smell divine on her skin. But, on her, this was all powder. About an hour later it was still slews of powder with a tiny hint of musk. Just nuts. And not at all what I remember about Little 5.

Keeper? If you’re local and want to try it, I’m willing to part with this one.

Not for me. But if you want to smell like you’re floating in a rose garden, this is for you! And I’m talking about those massive talking roses in Alice in Wonderland. The really pretty ones.



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Aug. 3rd, 2009 04:37 am (UTC)
thanks - i was hoping you'd review this one. sigh. it sounded soooo good on the website... now i'm conflicted whether or not to order myself up a sample of this.
Aug. 3rd, 2009 06:43 am (UTC)
It could honestly be the way it reacts to me and my friend.

Wiggle offers samples of all their perfume oils - and at a buck a pop it's hard to say no. I -know- I'm going to be making more purchases from them. This just won't be one of them. Not every perfume works for every person.

Plus, I'd like to hear how it sits on you! Go for it!
Jan. 21st, 2010 06:47 pm (UTC)
I think that Little 5 smells similar to Buxom, which is my favorite Wiggle perfume. Scent is definitely a subjective thing. I've always associated powder and roses with little old ladies, but these scents are very beautiful. I'm not a fan of rose, but I think that Little 5 and Buxom smell delicious with my skin chemistry.

Thank you for writing your reviews. It's interesting to see what other people's opinions of different scents.

For all of you curious about wiggleperfume, I suggest ordering the samples. In my humble opinion, wiggleperfume is the best perfumery on etsy. I'm addicted to this etsy shop!
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